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Leading Liberal Democrat Campaigner on Europe

Antony Hook, Leading Liberal DemocratsAntony Hook leads the Liberal Democrat campaign in South East England to win a vote to remain in the European Union on 23 June 2016.

Antony wants the European Union to more strongly and visibly serve all of the people of South East England. His focus is especially on peace, jobs, trade, crime and the environment.

He is an experienced international barrister specialising in protecting victims of serious crime. On a typical working day he is prosecuting crime in a Crown Court in South East England. 

He previously worked as an English Teacher. He was the first generation of his family to go to university and paid his way by working on building sites. 


Liberal Democrat party members selected Antony as MEP candidate to carry on the good work of retiring MEP Sharon Bowles in 2014.

Jointly leading the campaign with Catherine Bearder MEP, Antony raised £240,000 and organised the biggest Liberal Democrat campaign ever for a European Election.

Antony Hook's campaigning and leadership has been widely credited as vital to Catherine Bearder's seat being saved when every other seat was lost.

He is committed to achieving a strong, large group of Liberal Democrat MEPs being returned to the European Parliament at the next election in 2019.